From TEDxAustin to TEDxWeldQuay, TEDxTrastevere, and TEDxTallaght, Gary Thompson Carries Message of "The Power of People. Connected."

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TEDxWeldQuay - October 2013
TEDxTallaght - October 2013
TEDxAustin - March 2011


To learn which cancer organizations are personally important to CLOUD's co-founder, read more in "Making a Difference."

CLOUD - the Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data - was born from Gary’s front line view of the battle with cancer. As Gary is sharing on his TEDx world tour, winning this battle will require "The Power of People. Connected." CLOUDCircles is a way for the whole world to be a part of this crusade. Think giving to Wikipedia, but with categories.

TEDx World Tour

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On February 19, 2011, Gary Thompson, CLOUD co-founder and CEO, first spoke at TEDxAustin about "Reweaving the Fabric of the Internet to Transform Humanity.” The recent passing of his friend and "little brother," Kethan, after a 7-year battle with leukemia sparked this current TEDx world tour to honor his story.

Gary began his TEDx world tour from the stage of TEDxWeldQuay in Penang, Malaysia on Saturday, October 12. "The Internet's New Palette: Changing the Art of Cancer" was inspired by TEDxWeldQuay's theme, Artistry Within, as well as Kethan's own art. Gary's travels then took him to Rome to speak at TEDxTrastevere on October 16. Their theme, Drops of Life, spoke deeply to the very drops of life at the heart of Kethan's battle. There, Gary spoke on "The Fight with Cancer: Can a new Internet Change the Human Ecosystem?" Gary concluded this segment of his TEDx world tour in Dublin, Ireland on October 17 at TEDxTallaght. Atelier of Ideas is a perfect capstone to this journey. Gary talked in Dublin about how ideas spread and their ripple effect in "The Fight With Cancer: Can a new Internet Change the Terms of Battle?"

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